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  • Swimming Lessons

  • Lessons are structured to best suit your baby or child and are progressive i.e. over a number of lessons and courses we aim to teach your baby or child to swim ( how long this will take differs for each child and is dependent on their individual abilities). However, there are many other benefits gained from bringing your baby or child to our swimming lessons (see '12 Reasons To Teach Your Baby to Swim' ).

    Lessons are designed to be fun as this inspires the baby or child to want to learn. Through play; singing nursery rhymes; playing with toys; etc. the swimming pool becomes a positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience for all.

    Your baby or child can be accompanied by any able Mother, Father, Guardian, or Carer (who is fully responsible for the child when out of the water). There is adequate seating around the pool for family members to observe.

    Baby Courses -

    Only one person accompanying the baby in the pool at a time please, (unless you have spoken with Kim prior to your lesson with a special request).

    When you arrive you will need to have with you: -

    (for directions see venue page)

    • Your completed enquiry form and appropriate fee/s.
    • Appropriate swim wear for your child. It is mandatory to wear a double nappy system for all babies and toddlers until they are toilet trained. The double nappy system is a disposable swim nappy or a re-usable swim nappy underneath a neoprene nappy (HappyNappy-www.splashabout.com Email: info@splashabout.com). The top nappy should fit closely around the waist and thighs to form a tight seal over the disposable nappy.

      The pool is warm, so baby/child wetsuits are not necessary (and adversely affect natural buoyancy).

    • Parents accompanying babies into the pool should wear a swimsuit and a T-Shirt (the T-Shirt gives a baby/toddler something to hold onto).
    • Adequate towels i.e. one for during the session should your child get cold and another for drying the child after the session.

    Note: arrive warm - keep warm - go home warm... then you and your child will truly enjoy the experience!

    Getting Changed: -

    For parents and children there are numerous changing areas adjacent to the pool area. Baby changing mats are supplied and there is also a play pen for when you are changing. However, if your baby is too young to be left unattended, please ask another parent to mind your baby. There are pool side shower and toilet facilities.

    Safety: -

    The biggest danger for you and your baby/child is OUT of the pool. Please be very careful whilst walking on the wet and slippery surfaces and ensure that your children do NOT run around.

    The tutor will normally be in the pool, so it is your responsibility to care for your child's safety and well-being outside of the pool.