• For immediate help call (07707) 617634

  • Fees

  • A course is classed as 6 weeks ( unless specified differently).

    • £ 42.50 per course – one baby/child (sibling costs differ)
    • £ 38 per course - per child, when two or more babies/children attend classes

    My current clientele do have priority bookings and I endeavour to keep their place within their chosen groups. However, this is not always possible and bookings are taken on a 'first come - first served' basis.

    Only prompt payment will guarantee your place together with a non- refundable deposit of £ 5.00 on renewal dates.  


    Will not be given for colds, flu or childhood illnesses such as chicken pox etc, or holidays.  All other requests, to be put into writing with a Doctors Certificate to myself.

    Failure to attend the first lesson of term without prior notification/payment shall be deemed as a “ non return”, as shall any long term holidays etc.

    Cheques made payable to Kim Willingham