Water Wobbles & The Learning Plateau

The facts…

Water Wobbles

Between the ages of 8 months and 24 months, your little swimmer may well start to be more cautious in the water.

They may become very clingy, not wish to join in the activities they once loved and enjoyed and they will also show their unhappiness if I manage to get into their space, subtle changes in their behaviour in fact they can make your life in the pool quite miserable and I have comforted many a Mum who has broken down in tears – saying why? Sometimes the first sign is crying in the car park or seeing the swim bag getting ready, saying NO when you mention swimming or Kimmi.

As I say to every parent/guardian it ever happens to, don’t worry – chillax – it is what happens as a natural developmental stage and may well coincide with going back to work, nursery, child minders etc and the greatest issue for them is their separation anxiety.

Your little swimmer is trying to show their natural independence at the same time as not wanting you too far away. They all do it at home, in the super market etc so the swimming pool is just another locality to try their hand at it.

As your teacher and knowing you both, I will notice the Water Wobbles and it can make you as a parent/guardian feel embarrassed as if you are disrupting the class. Please rest assured that next week it will be someone else’s turn.

I shall be there to support you and offer you some ideas to work through it, however my advice to you all “is not to give up “it is so much harder when you try to return to swimming as their little awesome brains will have retained some negative thoughts.

The Learning Plateau

Progressing on slightly from the “Water Wobbles” at some point your little swimmer may become a different person in the pool, in my day it was called the terrible 2’s! I am sure you will have discussions with your swim group over coffee or in the changing rooms and you will say ……….. “I don’t understand why they are not enjoying swimming as much as they used too!”

This is a perfectly natural stage of your little swimmers learning development both in the pool and out. Their brains are like sponges – soaking everything up and sometimes they simply OVERLOAD – so they only thing they can do really well is to say NO or even have a MELTDOWN.

I reiterate my comments earlier in Water Wobbles – “is not to give up “

Please be assured I am there to support you both all of the way and more than happy for you to communicate with me to discuss any concerns, sometimes a phone call can make all the difference. Sharing is caring so please talk to your class friends too.

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    Before taking my daughter for lessons with Kim, she was very timid of the water and found herself not wanting to go swimming anymore. Now she can't wait to get in the pool and has become a very confident swimmer. I would highly recommend using Kim for swimming lessons. 


    My son, Archie, started his swimming lessons at a later age of 30 months old. However within a year his confidence improved so much he was jumping in, swimming underwater and even swimming unaided without fear. He now loves his ‘big boy’ class with Kim and treats Kim as a familiar family friend. My baby daughter has now started her lessons with Kim and I just know that her confidence will improve in no time and most importantly she will be swimming unaided within the next couple of years. Kim is a wonderful teacher who is firm but fair with the children... most importantly she will get results enabling them to swim in their early years.

    Kerry/Stewart, Archie and Elsa

    My son has always had an underlying fear of water and was nervous to get back in the water after a long lockdown break!  We have been having private lessons with Kim for the last 3 months (fortnightly) and he is a changed swimmer. He is now very confident, has progressed to swim unaided and is excited for his lessons. We are so happy to have found Kim!


    Both of my girls started swimming lessons with Kim at the age of 5 months. Both are able to swim without any aid, thanks to her patience and skill. Kim knows when to support them, and when to push them, because they need it! They always leave swimming lessons with a smile.


    I went to Kim on a recommendation and she has exceeded my expectations. My kids laugh and have fun with her, especially at special times of the year when she brings out all the floats and toys. I can see she is teaching them technique amongst all this fun and it works so well. They are becoming strong, confident swimmers who love the water. Thanks Kim!


    Eddie has loved swimming since he first started lessons at Aqua-babes when he was 3 months old. He is now 16 months old and is thriving in the water thanks to Kim. Her teaching and expertise make the lessons fun whilst Eddie learns swimming skills and safety in the water. It makes us so proud to see his confidence and ability grow with each lesson. Aqua-babes swimming lessons are a highlight of our week and we look forward to watching Eddie's swimming skills develop as he grows older.

    Edward & Lizzie

    My son has been swimming with Aqua-babe since he was 4 months old, he is now 3, swimming without aids and absolutely loves the water, he jumps in off the edge (without fear), seems to prefer being under the water than on the surface and thoroughly enjoys his 30 minutes as I do watching. Bath times are a joy and I ‘m sure it is because he has been to Aqua-babe. Aqua-babe is our favourite part of the week and I’d recommend it to everyone to build their child’s confidence in the water from any early age. His Dad has also experienced such fun and bonding with his son and at the same time learning a life saving skill. We have just started taking his new baby brother , can’t wait for the same reaction!!

    Emma - James, Charlie & William

    Both of my children have been taught to swim by Kim at Aqua-babe, Charlie is now at school and is a little fish, to the astonishment of other parents that watch her floating on her back, diving off the side and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool. Learning with Kim has not just taught her these things but water sense and safety too. She was not always an easy pupil, but thanks to Kim’s patience and persistence she loves being in the water and is (more importantly to me) safe in and near it. My son Billie, is now following in his sisters “swim strokes” and has made the long journeys every week for me and rewarding and pleasurable experience, thank you Kim

    Anne, Charlie and Billie

    Aqua-Babe– Wouldn’t go anywhere else – Kim has taught all 3 of my children to swim and I wouldn’t trust anyone elseh to do it. Fantastic – not only does Kim teach our little ones to swim without armbands, she also teaches them water safety – what more can you ask for

    Tam, Gillin, Hallin and Syke

    After 5 years and 2 children I regard Kim as part of the family! She has encouraged and supported my little ones through the highs and lows of learning to swim. She has made me feel happy and welcome as both a frightened new mum and as a old time regular. Her techniques are caring yet firm and she has been the major factor in creating two confident little aqua-babes who just adore the water. I can not thank or recommend Kim enough.

    Suzie, Daisy and Georgia

    Aqua-Babe has been fantastic for Alex – he has been going since he was 6 months old and Kim’s learning through repetition and play style for teaching together with her experienced no-nonsense approach to toddler tantrums has been the perfect combination. He is so confident and happy in the water and the fact that he could swim and dive before he went to school together with being very safety aware is all the proof needed. His baby brother Toby is now following suit

    Kirsty – Kev , Alex and Toby